1. The Terms and Conditions for rent of WD Apartments, hereinafter referred to as “Terms and Conditions”, is an integral part for the confirmation of the rent of the apartment for vacation, business or tourist purposes concluded between the Guest and WD Apartments. The Terms and Conditions define the “Guest” as the person whose name appears in the booking form and who receives the keys to the booked apartment. The Terms and Conditions define “WD Apartments” as WD Apartments Sp. z o.o., with its registered office in Warsaw, at Niedźwiedzia Street 29 B, 02-737, NIP: 521-361-54-61, or a person designated by the representatives of the above Company. The rent template for the apartment is attached hereto.

2. WD Apartments declares that, pursuant to agreements with the owners of apartments in the WD Apartments offer, it is entitled to rent and manage the apartments and the underground parking spaces.

Booking Terms and Conditions:

3. Booking an apartment can be made by phone, mail or through the website or other reservation services (e.g.

4. At the time of booking, please provide the following information: a) full name, phone number and e-mail address, b)length of stay, c) if you need the underground parking space for the time of your stay.

5. When booking an apartment or at the time of check-in, there may be a security deposit taken (but it is not a must) to secure compensation claims. The deposit is interest-free and is refundable at the check-out if the apartment is left in good condition (as it was during the check-in) and no apartment items are damaged or missing.

6. Apartment rental fee is collected in advance: at the time of booking, via bank transfer at a later date specified in the booking form or at the time of check-in.

7. Apartment rental fee includes payment for the stay in the apartment of the indicated in the booking form number of persons, the indicated number of days and the cost of the media used (assuming normal use of the media) by the Guest and the persons accompanying them at the time of booking.

8. The Guest cannot request WD Apartments to refund the rent of the apartment in case they have not stayed for the number of declared days.

9. WD Apartments reserves the right to change the apartment for another of the same or higher standard.

10. WD Apartments reserves the right to refuse to accept the Guest, who during previous residence grossly violated the Terms and Conditions, caused damage or interfered with the principle of good-neighbourly relations.

The Apartment:

11. Bed linen and towels in the amount of one change for 1 week / per stay are provided.

12. The apartment is cleaned before the check-in and after the check-out. Additional cleaning during your stay is possible for an additional fee of 60 PLN / 15 EUR.

13. The apartment may be equipped in particular with: a) a washing machine, b) an electric cooker, c)an oven, d) a microwave , e)a dishwasher, f) an electric kettle , g) a coffee machine, h) a hairdryer, i) 
a video-entry phone, j) a TV set , k) a DVD player / mini tower (optional) , l) Wi-Fi router , m) cable TV tuner.

14. Guests are required to use the equipment referred to in paragraph 13 above in accordance with their intended use and the instructions contained in the apartment.

15. For safety reasons, it is not allowed to use electrical appliances other than provided in the apartment.

Terms and Conditions :

16. Check-in starts from 14hrs on the first day of booking, check-out is until 11hrs on the last day of booking.

17. There is a possibility of an earlier check-in only when conditions allow: apartment was not rented the day before, or when, although it was rented, it is possible to make it ready on time specified by the Guest. Guests must request an earlier check-in no later than 3 working days before the first day of the planned check-in in the apartment.

18. Apartment keys and a remote control to the underground parking space, should be the case, shall be given after the following below data have been provided on the basis of an ID or passport.

19. The Guest is obliged to return the keys and the remote control to a specified representative of WD Apartments. Failure to return the keys or the remote control before the end of the last day of stay will incur charges for the rental of the apartment and / or the underground parking space for the next days until the keys and / or the remote control are returned.

20. Immediately upon entering the apartment, the Guest is obliged to check if the equipment is compatible with the apartment property list, and if there are no damages. In case of any deficiencies or defects in the existing condition of the equipment, such fact should be immediately reported to the representative of WD Apartments. Failure to report will result in charging the Guest for the deficiencies and damages incurred. The Guest is obliged to immediately inform the WD Apartments for any damage caused by them during their stay. The equivalent of the damage and its fixing is covered by the Guest. WD Apartments has the right to decide on the way of compensation.

21. The Apartment may not be inhabited by more people than stated in the booking form.

22. Children under 4 stay free of charge.

23. If the actual number of guests in the apartment exceeds the number of persons stated in the booking form, WD Apartments has the right to charge additional fee for each person in the declared amount resulting from a reservation, or to immediately terminate the reservation without refund of any fees paid.

24. Curfew starts from 22hrs to 7hrs.

25. It is forbidden to organize parties disruptive to other tenants of the building. In the case of the intervention of the police or the municipal police, WD Apartments has the right to impose the Guests with a penalty in the amount of 400 PLN / 100 EUR.

26. The apartment (including the balcony and / or terrace), and the underground parking space are completely non-smoking.

27. For the violation of the smoking ban, WD Apartments has the right to impose the Guest with a penalty of 400 PLN / 100 EUR.

28. The Guest is responsible for the conduct of those accompanying / visiting them in the apartment.

29. The Guest is not entitled to sublet the apartment, or share it with third parties.

30. The Guest is required to secure the apartment in the event of leaving by closing all windows and locking doors. The Guest must perform a careful watch over the keys and remote controls.

31. For any loss or damage of the keys, a fee of 200 PLN / 50 EUR is charged. For any loss or damage of the remote control to the underground parking space, a fee of 200 PLN / 50 EUR is charged.

32. The Guest agrees to the use of the apartment and of the underground parking space for their intended purpose, may not remove any items or equipment from the apartment as well as agree not to make new keys to the apartment.

33. In the case of serious violations or other general acts of disrespect, WD Apartments has the right to an immediate expulsion of the Guest and those accompanying / visiting them from the apartment without reimbursement and without the right to claim any type of compensation.


34. The Guest is liable for all types of damage or destruction of objects belonging to the equipment caused by their fault (intentional or unintentional), or the fault (intentional or unintentional) of those accompanying / visiting them. In the case of damage caused by the Guest or those accompanying / visiting them, this person will be charged for damaged or destruction according to the current market price plus the costs associated with the purchase, transport, assembly of the damaged items. WD Apartments is entitled in the first place to satisfy their claims for compensation from the collected deposit. If the value of the claim exceeds the value of the deposit collected, the Guest is obliged to pay the difference immediately. WD Apartments, in compensation for the destroyed property, reserves the right to charge the credit card if credit card details were provided to WD Apartments at time of booking.

35. WD Apartments is not liable for any property brought to the apartment by the Guests, those accompanying / visiting them in the apartment or for their car parked on the rented underground parking space.

Check-in and key collection:

36. Check-in will take place within hours agreed with the representative of WD Apartments.

37. The Guest is obliged to pay the total amount due, also in case of a delay or reduction of stay due to reasons beyond the control of WD Apartments.

38. The Guest upon arrival, after paying the amount due for the rent, will be entitled to collect the keys (the remote control).

39. WD Apartments will not provide the keys (the remote control) to persons under the influence of alcohol, drugs and behaving aggressively, thereby posing a threat to other guests or to the property.

40. The Guest is obliged to inform the representative of WD Apartments on the estimate day of key collection at the latest one day before the planned arrival. By default, the Guest can check-in from 14hrs on the day of arrival and should check-out in time by 11hrs on the day of departure, unless otherwise agreed with the representative responsible for handing the keys. If the Guest cannot arrive at a specified hour, they are obliged to immediately call the representative responsible for handing the keys.